Spinal Decompression: Is It Right For You?

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Chiropractor

Spine Health defines spinal decompression as a form of therapy that involves stretching the spine. The treatment is usually done with the aid of a traction table and is an effective pain relief system for treating chronic back and leg pain.


Unlike laminectomy and microdiscectomy, spinal decompression therapy doesn’t involve any surgical procedures. That’s one reason why it’s the treatment of choice for patients who don’t like the idea of using surgery to combat the pain. Some view the risks of going under the knife as too dangerous and wish to seek safer ways to manage their pain. This non-surgical therapy makes that possible.


Because spinal decompression mostly involves stretching exercises, patients don’t have to deal with the added anxiety of undergoing surgery and dealing with weeks or a month or two of recovery. Since the recovery period can often be painful and frustrating, patients might find it hard to look forward to the treatment. With this therapy though, patients can receive their treatment whenever it’s convenient for them. Sessions can be worked around their schedules so they won’t have to compromise their day-to-day schedule or long-term plans.

Zero Drug Dependency

Modern medicine often emphasizes the need to medicate every condition, discomfort and pain. Spinal therapy encourages the belief that the body can heal itself and that introducing drugs into the system isn’t the answer. The advantage is obvious, since it eliminates reliance on prescription drugs and the problem of intolerance to pain medication for long-term use of prescription pain relief drugs.

Balanced Treatment

In most hospitals, it’s all about treating the symptoms until they disappear. Some take that to mean that health is the absence of symptoms. In one of the most enlightening speeches to come out of TEDTalks, Shawn Achor says that the absence of disease isn’t health. Holistic therapies believe in the same thing. Health isn’t achieved by the absence of a cold or fever but by employing a holistic approach that considers everything in your life to be a factor in your health. Your emotional well-being is important as well as your spiritual, mental and physical condition. Changing the way you think and committing to lifestyle changes are but two ways to treat your condition.

Rather than the disconnected view of treating patients as a set of symptoms, this therapy encourages the treatment of people as a whole. Given the more balanced and personalized treatment, it’s easy to see why a lot of patients find this the ideal treatment for them. For more information on spinal decompression, visit Synergy Wellness.

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